South Coast MMA Rules

Our aim is to promote interest and develop safety of all current athletes and future athletes by offering development stepping stages to full MMA. please keep in mind the laws of the sport are to protect your health and well-being. You can ask for Pangration rules if you do not already have them. If you want to compete please read the rules and send us your information email

C: Class Amateur Fights

C:Class amateur fight will consist of 1 x 5 minute round,(Under modified Pangration rules) by Australian Pangration Athilma federation rule no striking to the head at all, no rotations or cranks & must wear shin insteps. These will be used to fill matched between MMA matches only. Scoring will be 10pts system, no taping of hands/knuckles only thumb support.

B: Class Amateur Fights

B: Class Amateur Fights will consist of 2 x 5 minute rounds. Must be over 18 (no elbows, knees standing or ground no rotations or cranks) no taping of hands/knuckles only thumb support It is your responsibility to remember this rule for B class

A: Full Fight

A: Full Fight will consist of 3 x 5 minute rounds must be over 18. No taping of hands/knuckles only thumb support(full MMA rules apply)

South Coast MMA will continue to train and guide young athletes in their quest to compete by offering "stepping stages" to full MMA.

Please download the attached links and complete all questions. Only fight stance will be accepted with your application.

A Class Rules MMA
B Class Rules MMA
C Class Rules MMA
Caged Kosen Rules
Blood Test Required
MMA Waiver Required